Self portrait. Photo by © Ewa Brykowska
Ewa Brykowska is a polish photographer, works on her personal projects, mainly around the theme of memories and emotions in the field of portrait and still life photography.
There is simplicity and abstraction in her projects, as well as care to colors, details and composition. Contrasts, shapes and structures are very often present in her work. Using different transparent or reflective surfaces as well as various photography techniques, helps her to create a new look of ordinary, simple subjects.
She graduated from the Spéos – École de Photographie in Paris, achieved Master's degree in photography and French professional title of photographer - RNCP.
She also finished the professional introductory course in wet collodion photography process in the Studio Ambrotype in Paris, taught by Mélanie-Jane Frey, the undisputed world-class authority in this field.
Contact for collaboration: ewabrykowska.photo@gmail.com

2022 - Swiss Photo Club, Galeria Humanit’Art, collective exhibition, Genève, Suisse, October-November 2022
2022 - 2023 | Vogue | PhotoVogue
2022 - Lodz Photography Society, collective exhibition, "Self-portrait in square", Lodz, Poland, January 2022
2021 - SPEOS gallery, exhibition, Paris, France, September 2021
Publication, SLIDE magazine, Paris, France, July 2020       
Speos 2020 - virtual exhibition (due to COVID-19), May 2020
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